Private Cappadocia tours


Cappadocia is also found in the Central Anatolian Steppe territory and we have traveled wellsehir province.




Cappadocia flapping in the sky, which was very beautiful. A lot of balloons are circulating at the same time. Cappadocia is already a great nature and when you come here you think that another planet has arrived. We stayed in a very different hotel called special cave in the Urgup region. Cappadocia is spread over a very large area and here is the wonderful Pigeon Valley and Uc fortress. Both of these valleys are the most beautiful places to see cappadocia. There are also a number of underground cities, all of which are cave churches. Inside the cave church is the wonderful Jesus prophet and Mary's paintings and mosaics. During our trip to Cappadocia we had the Ihlara valley and it is reached by a quiet anatolian town flowing in the middle of the river and 100 more steps to get there. There are even many wooden bridges. In subterranean cities, Roman soldiers continued their life with only bread, water and wine to hid -

DAY 2:
After the most beautiful truzim travel of istanbul, the road to the city of Canakkale is named after it, and the reason is because of the existence of the ancient city of Troy. We passed the 1st Bosphorus bridge and made a continuous highway trip to the peninsula of GAllipoli. It was possible to reach the city of Canakkale by car ferry on the Gullipoli ferry pier. I took care of two things that met us here and I took lots of pictures and shared them in social media. In Ottoman times such hand-made clocks are placed in important city centers. One such example is in front of Dolmabahce palace and on the big island plaza in istanbul. There are wonderful maritime expeditions between these two continents, one part of Canakkale in Europe and the other part in Asia. It was an extremely pleasant ferry trip that lasted about 30-45 minutes. We stayed at the Yigit Hotel

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